Color Me Retail

According to some expert, somewhere: I'm honest, understanding, seeking the meaning of life, and a good person to have around in a crisis because I love the color indigo. This is not really accurate, I'm not the person to call in a emergency - trust me! But it is interesting how color influences our decisions and actions. 85% of us buy based solely … Continue reading Color Me Retail

Ladders, Sleds, and Fried Pies…oh my

If you're wanting to open a hardware store in the Swiss Alps, then this was the 127 sale for you! There was an overwhelming amount of wooden ladders, and vintage sleds for sale.  Don't get me wrong, I love ladders - they are so versatile in their home décor uses, and I love a sled as … Continue reading Ladders, Sleds, and Fried Pies…oh my