Color Me Retail

According to some expert, somewhere: I’m honest, understanding, seeking the meaning of life, and a good person to have around in a crisis because I love the color indigo. This is not really accurate, I’m not the person to call in a emergency – trust me! But it is interesting how color influences our decisions and actions. 85% of us buy based solely on color. 90% of us make a judgement or assessment about a product or brand based on color, and we do it within 90 seconds.  The Vintage on Sixth logo is primarily black. The color black is associated with luxury and sophistication.  I did not research color before creating the logo, so I must of been subconsciously dreaming of Chanel while drawing it on a cocktail napkin. What a happy accident.  Here’s what color represents in retail.


At Vintage on Sixth, we’ll be using black and white, with gold and red accents on the exterior of the store.  It feels luxurious and classic to me, and now I know why (thanks to color psychology).

So- what do colors represent in our homes? Well, pretty much the same as in retail. Green can create a spa like- garden vibe, while yellow is popular in kitchens because it’s cheery.  Think about the environment, or feeling you want to create for your home. As I like to say “Your home is a reflection of you, and you’re not builder beige!”  Add some color to your home!  Don’t forget to follow our color theory series on our Vintage on Sixth Facebook page.





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