Ladders, Sleds, and Fried Pies…oh my

If you’re wanting to open a hardware store in the Swiss Alps, then this was the 127 sale for you! There was an overwhelming amount of wooden ladders, and vintage sleds for sale.  Don’t get me wrong, I love ladders – they are so versatile in their home décor uses, and I love a sled as a table centerpiece at Christmas, but where was all the furniture? And furniture is what I needed.  Why? Well, we have a couple of big events coming up.

1 – Texas Antique Week, aka. Round Top.  You may have seen it on Fixer Upper. That’s where Jo Jo picks up the antiques she hoards. (I feel ya sister!)

2 – The Opening of Vintage on Sixth.  Don’t forget the Grand Opening is October 28th (shameless plug!)

So, we drove across the entire state of Tennessee and finally found what we came for…a cash wrap station and a display cabinet for the store.  We also ended up finding the vintage black and white street signs that will eventually become a chandelier in the store.  In the end – a successful trip, it just took a little more digging, driving, and hunting then expected.  Our greatest find: The fried pies….oh my!


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